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Centurylink Service Level Agreements

Centurylink Service Level Agreements

Cloud Application Manager: CenturyLink offers 99.99% cloud Application Manager availability. A Cloud Application Manager error occurs when a customer cannot access the Cloud Application Manager platform due to hardware and/or software issues in CenturyLink`s control. Access problems caused by service connection issues, including, but not limited, access or access and configuration issues managed by a non CenturyLink provider are not errors and are therefore not covered by this ALS. The customer receives a service credit for the period that begins when a ticket is deposited to request assistance to access the platform, and the access issue is verified by CenturyLink until services are restored. Our savvisdirect infrastructure includes high-availability features, including automated organ defect, fully redundant hosting (via our infrastructure, network hardware and storage equipment) and Enterprise-class storage networks to improve performance and reliability. savvisdirect provides, operates and maintains cloud computing infrastructure and the deployment capacity of this cloud infrastructure. Control Portal and API: CenturyLink offers 99.99% availability for the control portal and API. Access to the control portal is possible via public and private networks. The control portal is used to manage IT environments at the customer`s request in CenturyLink Cloud data centers. Access to the control portal includes access to the ticketing system, account management, server management, bandwidth management, backup management and other related services. Private Network: CenturyLink offers CenturyLink Cloud data center customers 100% availability on private network services. Private network services include access to secure VPN connectivity, unlimited bandwidth between CenturyLink Cloud data center servers, unlimited downloads to servers, and access to contract services. hours of authorized downtime or loss x hourly cost of product and/or service – service credit.

Maintenance: At certain times, planned maintenance is required in the CenturyLink cloud, which can lead to service interruptions. Maintenance services can affect the public network, private network, control portal, virtual servers, cloud storage, security and other services. CenturyLink informs the customer of the planned maintenance service. CenturyLink will provide the customer with at least 48 hours for potentially disruptive maintenance activities via email or post-publication at Potentially disruptive activities include maintenance work in which CenturyLink cannot remove or migrate customer data directly from the target system, but maintenance is not expected to have an impact on the customer.

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