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Significado Repurchase Agreement

Significado Repurchase Agreement

It is important to take into account that, although there is an obligation between buyers and sellers, the free movement of securities subject to resale obligations is allowed, provided that the parties conclude a free movement agreement and that the obligations are governed by a system of registration and financial settlement of assets by the Brazilian Central Bank or the Securities And Exchange of Brazil The Commission is authorized and managed by a chamber or service provider that is a party. for the purpose of winding up transactions carried out through it. In the financial market, committede transactions are also called ”repo” and ”reverse repo”. Repo is an acronym for the repurchase agreement, which is translated into Portuguese, which means redemption obligation, so Reverse Repo refers to the resale obligation. Promised trades must be carried out with a defined profitability (fixed rate) or with established remuneration parameters (post-fixed rate), can be used as a form of low-risk investment, given that the transaction has to be weighted (guaranteed) on a fixed-rate loan. For the same reason, these transactions are not guaranteed by the FGC – Credit Guarantee Fund and can be used to diversify investments of more conservative profiles. Los repos pueden of different species. Los podemos is distinguished by: Para invertir en repo es necesario tener abierta una cuenta de valores con nuestro banco o entidad financiera. Una ventaja de un repo respecto a otro tipo de inversiones y derivados es que su riesgo es muy bajo. Y es que mientras que hemos prestado el dinero al banco somos propietarios del título de deuda pública. A su vez los retornos no muy altos son. Compromised transactions are transactions on the docks to a party that takes back or jeopardizes an item – usually a fixed rendering voucher – for the purchase of Volta, buyers or buyers, resells it or endangers it to the original seller on set dates.

Very short-term rest periods, such as days or weeks, are ideal for those who want to invest their money in a very safe fortune like public debt. But without often needing in longer periods like investing in public debt and being able to get our money back in a secure period of time, without depending on the fluctuations of sovereign debt in the market. In the case of such transactions, the investor shall make available to the financial institution a loan which is secured by only one sovereign loan. .

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