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Verizon Fios Customer Agreement

Verizon Fios Customer Agreement

By using the Service, you agree to any provision of this Agreement, whether you have read it or not. This Agreement also applies to all lines in your account and to all those who use your service. Many services and apps can be accessed on or through wireless devices, including the purchase of games, movies, music, and other content. Some of these services are provided by Verizon. Others are provided by third parties that offer the option to charge the fees for your Verizon invoice or other payment methods. Fees can be one-time or recurring. The amount and frequency of the fee will be communicated to you or the person using your device or a device linked to your account at the time of purchase. If the buyer chooses to have the fee charged to your account, that fee will be part of the amount due for that billing cycle. Verizon provides tools to block or restrict these services and block all billing for third-party services on your Verizon wireless bill on We do not support calls to 900, 976 and some other premium international ranges.

25, miscellaneous. The terms of this Agreement supersede all prior agreements, proposals or assurances related to the Service. You may not assign this agreement without our prior written consent. We can withdraw this agreement freely. If you end the service on your site, your current calendar won`t be able to be transferred to a new location. Any changes to this agreement or additional or different terms in your orders, confirmations or other documents are only effective if we have expressly consented in writing. Any communication, request or other communication, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement or in accordance with any law, shall be communicated in writing. Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, communications must be directed to us at the Legal Department and sent overnight to the address* indicated below* by U.S.

first class mail or nationally recognized express mail. Notifications are deemed received when delivered by express mail overnight or sent to the United States Postal Service three (3) days after they are sent. Messages are sent to you either to your billing or email address registered with Verizon or as described in Section 8(e) above. Where any of the terms set forth in this Agreement are held to be validly invalid or unenforceable by a court or governmental body of competent jurisdiction, the other terms of this Agreement shall not be affected by the finding and shall remain valid, to the extent necessary, to reflect the original intent of the parties. Verizon`s failure to impose at any time any provision of this Agreement or any right or remedy available under law or equity, or to exercise any option provided in such Agreement, shall in no event be construed as a waiver of such provision, right, remedy or option, or any other infringement of the validity of this agreement. Verizon`s exercise of any rights, remedies or options under this Agreement, by law or in equity does not preclude Verizon from subsequently exercising the same rights or remedies or options. IV.

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